May 29, 2023

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Tight-End Tandem Trying to Be Totally The Tops in 2022.
Brenton Strange, Theo Johnson and Tyler Warren are back in Penn State Blue and White after a spirited 2021 campaign. I think all three with have good roles on the team this year, but they will be used in different ways. Tyler Warren I remember from last year as a speedier tight end who also can get involved running the ball. Strange and Johnson I see as the main blocking/receiving threats who should provide outlets for Sean Clifford. Overall, I think the group is a major strength for the team this season.
Not Top-25, But Totally Should Be
Easy mentions here, PSU should be top 25 and likely will be given our schedule when we lead off with a win versus Purdue. But on the whole, I hate the notion of preseason rankings because all they are is a popularity contest/good ole boys club for certain teams. Rankings should be based off performance during the season. Not popularity.
O-Line Finally a Strength?
Yeah… we’ll see.
Penn State Weight Room, Soon to be Weightier Than Ever!
An expanded set of facilities will be useful for all sports to use for strength training and conditioning. Having state of the art equipment should also help all PSU athletes grow into the beasts they certainly can be.
Penn State Men’s Basketball, Building Chemistry Together
Penn State Men’s Basketball program is coming together as a team as they have a lot of freshmen this year. In his second year Coach Shrewsberry stands to make a major impact on his team and bring home a winner. Let’s hope this team grows into a great contender.
Penn State partners with WHOOP for Holistic Health
Penn State University has partnered with WHOOP, a human performance company to provide wearable fitness trackers and mental health support services as part of an opportunity to boost student athlete wellness. With a dearth of mental health support services that exist on college campuses and in society on the whole, any additional support for students is sure to be a good thing.


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