May 28, 2023

Sometimes your breath stinks even after brushing your teeth.
Brushing your teeth helps remove bacteria that release sulphur compounds. These sulphur compounds cause bad breath, but sometimes brushing your teeth is not enough. You might notice your breath still stinks about brushing your teeth.
This might be caused by several factors;
Some foods like onions and garlic can cause and increase the risk of bad breath. It takes more than a day for the smell of garlic to go away even after brushing.
Eating apples and mint leaves help to neutralize the effect of garlic.
Gum disease is an illness that happens when plaque (a yellow-whitish) substance builds up on your teeth. Plaques irritate the gum and cause bad breath.
Cavities occur when bacteria hides in the crevices of your teeth, and it becomes difficult for your brush to reach them. Cavities also induce bad breath even after brushing.
The tobacco in cigarettes causes bad breath and gum disease, not to mention the smell of cigarettes on the breath which lingers.
Gastroesophageal reflux disease causes food to go back to your oesophagus. This undigested food that comes back up generate bad breath.
Another factor that causes bad breath is a dry mouth; saliva in the mouth helps to break down food in the mouth and keep breath fresh.
Also, tonsil stones occur when food particles solidify in the mouth and cause bad breath.
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