June 8, 2023

SAN ANTONIO, TX / ACCESSWIRE / August 10, 2022 / Five Fitness Group, one of F45’s largest & fastest growing franchises, is making fitness training more accessible to those who feel fitness has failed them by changing how people get fit. The group’s facilities focus on the new wave of functional training rather than traditional strength or cardio only training. Five Fitness Group is taking a more holistic approach to getting in shape than its competitors by offering 100% functional fitness training facilities under the F45 brand.
What is Traditional Cardio and Strength Training?
Everyone knows all about cardio, you get on the hamster wheel and run, run, run. But, with F45 there is a way to do cardio and gain strength, tone up and lose weight at the same time. And it’s not boring, say what?
Traditional strength training largely focuses on building one muscle group at a time. For example, you have probably heard people talk about “leg day.” That’s how it works; in a traditional strength training program, you work with a trainer to isolate areas of the body you want to strengthen and develop a schedule that allows you to do that in compartmentalized pieces.
These types of workouts are simple to conceptualize because the entire body is broken into bits for training. The only issue with using this technique to get stronger is that it doesn’t directly translate into any physical activities other than lifting weights. So, after traditional strength training, you might have an easier time lifting a heavy weight but not daily activities like grabbing a bag of groceries out of the car and carrying them walking them inside, up a flight of stairs. That’s because traditional strength training focuses on building individual muscle groups rather than the core. And the truth of the matter is, it’s simply not sustainable for most and not something that you can benefit from for everyday living.
What is Functional Training – F45 style?
F45 makes functional training fun! On your first visit a trainer will get you acquainted with all of the workouts and then when you are ready, you get a LionHeart monitor and get to see your activity in real-time. Each station is a different workout and you can challenge yourself by watching your heart rate and stats on the F45TV.
You can work as hard as you want, challenge yourself and complete the 45 minute circuit with everyone else in the room as a team. Not only that, but there isn’t a single mirror out on the floor, and the top requirement for entry is to check your ego at the door. F45 is a no judgment zone, where everyone is there to get their sweat on and have a good time.
Worried about getting bored? No sweat, the F45 Athletics Department is constantly designing new exercises to keep you engaged. All F45 workouts are designed with the core in mind. You will workout in ways you never dreamed, connecting muscle groups, losing weight and making day-to-day activities easier while dropping a pants size or two.
Primary Differences Between Traditional and Functional Training
A traditional training regimen isolates and strengthens individual muscle groups, while F45 functional training focuses on strengthening the core.
Traditional training exercises tend to be static, with one part or muscle group being worked at a time, while F45 functional training works multiple muscle groups simultaneously.
Traditional training doesn’t directly translate into day-to-day physical activity, while F45 functional training does.
While doing traditional training, you need weight sets and other equipment geared at specific musical groups, which is not necessary for F45 functional training.
Traditional training in traditional gyms can be intimidating while at F45 there is no room for shame, just sweat.
The Last Rep
When it comes down to it, exercise is good for you no matter how it’s executed. That said, functional training at F45 delivers a more efficient pack for your punch, especially if you are looking to burn more calories and slim down rather than bulk up.
The Five Fitness Group owns six F45 gyms in greater San Antonio, TX. Their programs and gym space are laid out to support “no shame” functional fitness training for all. The space has no mirrors, no jocs and most of all NO JUDGMENT. There are also plenty of trainers to get you up and running on the F45 circuit in no time. So, come and get healthier, shed some pounds and have fun with F45 and the Five Fitness Group today!
Contact Information:
Name: Rahul Patel
Company: Five Fitness Group
Website: https://f45training.com
Phone: (210) 460-7787
SOURCE: F45 Training

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