June 8, 2023

You might suffer from periodontal disease or gum disease if you face mouth pain and bleeding gums. 
This condition can only be treated by visiting a dentist and removing the affected teeth, right? Not necessarily! 
You can take several simple steps at home to cure gum disease and keep your mouth healthy and free of pain. Here’s how to cure gum disease without seeing a dentist.
What causes gum disease?
Gum disease is caused by a buildup of plaque on the teeth. The plaque is icky. It’s a sticky film of food, bacteria, and saliva. If you don’t remove plaque, it hardens and becomes tartar. 
Tartar irritates your gums and makes them inflamed. This inflammation is called gingivitis. If left untreated, gingivitis can progress into periodontitis, a more severe form of gum disease. 
Periodontitis is characterized by sore or bleeding gums, receding gums, loose teeth, tooth mobility (when you can move your tooth with your finger), or even an abscess (a pocket of pus). You may be tempted to brush off these symptoms as nothing more than bad breath or sensitive teeth. 
However, these are clear indications that you have gum disease. Fortunately, natural remedies for curing gum disease don’t involve mouthwash or antibiotics prescribed by a doctor.
Traditional Treatments for Gum Disease
While there are many traditional treatments for gum disease, such as deep cleanings and scaling, these methods are often expensive and may not be covered by insurance. Additionally, they can be painful and cause bleeding gums. Luckily, several home remedies can help treat gum disease effectively. 
Use Natural Alternatives like Prodentim for Gum Disease!
It is an infection of the gums that can lead to tooth loss. Taking care of your gums and teeth is essential to prevent gum disease. 
You can do a few things at home to help keep your gums healthy, like brushing and flossing regularly. You can also try using natural alternatives like Prodentim
Prodentim is an all-natural product that helps fight gum disease by reducing inflammation and promoting healing. It is safe to use with no side effects. 
The best part about it is that it works wonders to keep your teeth healthy and gums strong! Whether you have mild or severe symptoms, Prodentim can be used as needed.
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