April 1, 2023

Bad breath is essentially any bad smell coming from the mouth. While it can make people feel uncomfortable, it must also be noted that many people may be aware of the same and any underlying condition that may be its root cause.
“But there are many natural ways to get rid of this common problem, said Dr Archana Batra, dietician and physiotherapist who shared some simple remedies to fight bad breath.
Take a look:
Cinnamon is a common flavour found in chewing gum and can really help when it comes to curing bad breath. The simplest way is to suck on a cinnamon stick. Cinnamon is an antiseptic that can reduce the growth of bad bacteria that causes smelly breath. If you don’t have any cinnamon sticks, you can mix about a half tablespoon of cinnamon powder, a tbsp of honey, and some lemon juice together with hot water. Once the water has cooled slightly, you can rinse your mouth with this mixture. It will help until you can eat some mint or brush your teeth.
Plain water
Bad breath can be caused by bacteria in the mouth. So, one way to combat that bacteria is by flushing it out of the mouth. Rinsing your mouth with clean water can be just the thing to help freshen your breath. Not to mention, dry mouth can cause bad breath too. So, keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water and this will help your mouth produce the bacteria-rising saliva it needs to keep your breath smelling good. It may not be something that will keep your breath for hours, but a great fresh fix when you need it.
Coriander is a natural mouth freshener. It contains chlorophyll, which helps avoid bad breath.
Yogurt contains bacteria that are capable of keeping bad breath under control. Make sure that yogurt should be taken after lunch on a daily basis. It is helpful in reducing the amount of odour coming from the mouth. Yogurt can fight with hydrogen sulfide that is the main reason for bad breath.
Parsley is not just there for decoration on top of your meal. It can actually help to freshen your breath the natural way. Parsley has a fresh smell and this plant can help to fight off the sulfur compounds that make breath smell bad. All you have to do is pop those green leaves into your mouth and chew it; easy and effective.
Pineapple juice
Pineapple juice can help cure breath quickly and effectively. You can either drink a glass of pineapple juice or eat a few slices of fresh pineapple for fresher smelling breath.
“Bad breath is not uncommon and can be tackled with some simple tips. However, oral hygiene and regular dental checkups will always be the best way to combat gum disease and tooth decays,” she told indianexpress.com.
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