June 8, 2023

No doubt, Taapsee Pannu is one of Bollywood’s most versatile actors. In movies like Baby, Naam Shabana, and Nitishastra, Pannu demonstrates her incredible fighting skills. However, in Taapsee Pannu’s world, acting and fitness go hand-in-hand. With the many athletic roles she takes up, such as Shabaash Mithu or Rashmi Rocket, you can see how she pushes herself -in her Instagram feed.
In a film world where all the action movies are filled up to the brim with the ultimate male action hero, miss Pannu is indeed a breath of fresh air. Take a look at five things we all need to learn from Taapsee Pannu when it comes to fitness.
Pannu loves doing Surya Namaskar to get her endorphins pumping. As well as improving metabolism and blood circulation, sweating keeps your skin happy and healthy. It can also help have a positive effect on the mind.
A morning workout will give you more energy, focus, and optimism throughout the day. Furthermore, after a morning workout, you are more likely to eat healthily and keep active throughout the day [1].
During the lockdown, Pannu continued to train outdoors for her movie Shabaash Mithu. She shared a post on her Instagram with the caption, “Training during lockdown when open ground replaces gym. No excuses.” Research has shown that physical activity outdoors lowers blood pressure and heart rate and reduces the risk of stroke and other heart-related issues [2].
Taking to Instagram, the actor shared the recipe for her favourite exotic sunset drink, which she’s been working on with nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal. “When Munmun Ganeriwal plans my meals, no meal on the menu can be just an ordinary one. This fat-burning powerhouse of a drink has raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother. Along with it are fenugreek (methi), turmeric, and ginger. Turmeric & ginger are powerful inflammation-fighting agents, so instead of going for pills, it helps to combat the pain and inflammation in muscles caused by my tough, athletic training. Talk about being natural and exotic,” she shared.
Of course, a workout routine cannot be effective unless it is accompanied by a diet regime to follow up. So make sure you eat a well-balanced meal.
On holidays, Pannu takes a break and rests her muscles by jogging or brisk walking. She hits the gym every day and never misses a training session. Running helps build muscle and bone strength, and it also helps keep you in shape.
In addition to targeting all eight major muscle groups of the body, jogging also targets the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and abs [3].
As per Pannu’s nutritionist, she didn’t follow a low-carb or high-protein diet while preparing for Rashmi Rocket. Instead, she ate khichdi, a good mixture of carbohydrates and proteins. “Instead of protein bars and the likes, we kept faith in humble foods like sattu flour, peanuts, besan laddus, etc.,” said Ganeriwal. Pannu ate barley, bajra, and jowar instead of oats and quinoa, which according to her nutritionist, is a regular meal for Pannu [4].


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