March 24, 2023

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As well as Coronation Street, Catherine has starred in the BBC drama Lilies, the BBC One sitcom Scarborough, and the ITV programme Cooking with the Stars. The 38-year-old from Salford also participated on Strictly Come Dancing in 2019, leaving the show after six weeks.
Catherine has been open about her weight loss in the past after deciding something needed to be done about her health a few years ago.
Before appearing on Strictly, the actress lost a whopping six stone, slimming down to a size eight.
Her motivation was simply the fact that her weight was hindering her day-to-day life.
Catherine said before her transformation she “couldn’t walk up the stairs without gasping for breath”.
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Posting on social media, she continued: “I had zero energy and my skin was terrible.
“Educating myself on nutrition was the best thing I ever did.”
Catherine showed her Instagram followers before and after pictures of herself – demonstrating what she looked like as a size 22 and, now, as a size eight.
To lose weight, the actress revealed she followed a strict 12-week fitness regime.
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The meal plan featured nutritious, protein-filled meals, as well as plenty of fibre-rich vegetables.
“It’s just fitting it around your schedule,” Catherine explained.
“If I was working I’d go on walks.
“On night shoots there are a lot of pies and bacon sandwiches floating about but I took stuff with me.”
Walking is a simple but effective way to incorporate more exercise into your day, and it can massively aid with weight loss too.
Walking a mile burns approximately 100 calories, depending on your sex and weight, according to Healthline.
One study measured the number of calories people of average fitness level burned after walking at a brisk pace of 3.2 miles per hour or running at a pace of six mph for about a mile.Calorie-burning exercisesResults showed that those who walked at a brisk pace burned an average of 90 calories per mile.
Now, Catherine maintains her ideal weight by going to the gym regularly and continuing to follow a healthy diet.
Speaking about her weight loss journey in the past, Catherine said: “I think it’s about creating a lifestyle.
“If you want to sustain a healthy weight and feel good about yourself then you need to fuel your body with the right food.”
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