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The leg press is a great addition to any lower body training routine. Whether you use it to complement the squat or replace it, the leg press machine allows you to optimally load your quads without straining your spine. Though they are a staple in nearly every commercial gym, they aren’t that popular in garage gyms. In recent years, however, several excellent leg press machines have been introduced to the home fitness market that are both affordable and functional.
In this article, we present the best of the best in each of the 10 leg press categories to help you identify which model will best suit your needs. We also provide a leg press buyers guide so you know what you should be looking for when you enter the marketplace, a summary of the benefits of the leg press, and the answers to the most frequently asked leg press questions.
Leg press machines vary in price from budget to premium. Here’s a breakdown of the costs of our top 10.
Here is the breakdown of the 10 best leg press machines on the market:
The best overall leg press machine represents the best mix of value, functionality, comfort, and aesthetics. 
The Force USA Leg Press Hack Squat Combo is a beautifully crafted 45-degree leg press machine that doubles as a hack squat. Its 2×4-inch 13-gauge steel frame is extremely solid. Plus, its high back support is exceptionally comfortable. You also get an oversized footplate to allow multiple foot positions.
This machine features the Force USA Hover-Glide mechanism, ensuring an ultra-smooth pressing experience and converts to a hack squat within seconds. Extra-length padding and handles provide ideal positioning for users of all sizes. The innovative design of this machine even allows you to do forward thrusting exercises. Your purchase comes with the Force USA Ultimate Combo calf block that helps you develop your lower legs.
The Force USA Leg Press and Hack Squat Combo provide five racking lockout positions. This impressive machine is equipped with resistance band pegs and four weight plate holders that can accommodate both Olympic and standard weight plates.
The maximum weight rating on this machine is 1,000 pounds, and your purchase comes with a lifetime warranty!
Force USA Leg Press Hack Squat Combo’s ruggedness, stability, and versatility make it our top pick for the best leg press machines on the market. 
The best high-end leg press provides commercial-level durability and functionality at a fair price. This is a good option if multiple people train at your garage gym.
The Body-Solid Horizontal Leverage Leg Press is a large and very rugged leg press machine that is designed to handle heavy weight. It has a maximum weight capacity of 1,000 pounds and is constructed from solid 2×3-inch, 11-gauge steel. 
The horizontal leg press has four weight horns and can take Olympic diameter weight plates. It has a large footplate to allow a range of foot placements to target different areas of your quads. The seat is fully adjustable and is well padded for comfort.
The Body-Solid Horizontal Leverage Leg Press features a direct drive press which allows for a full range of motion and a smooth glide operation. Your purchase is protected by a lifetime warranty.
If you’re a fan of the horizontal leg press, you cannot go wrong with the Body-Solid Horizontal Leverage Leg Press. You get the same quad recruitment with this machine as a conventional leg press but without the unnecessary stress on your knees. 
Value for money is always a crucial consideration while setting up your garage gym. When it comes to a leg press machine, the best value isn’t necessarily the cheapest. It is important to get the right mix of durability, frame ruggedness, functionality, and cost-effectiveness.
The Force USA Compact Leg Press is a compact and budget-friendlier version of our top-rated leg press machine. Even though it’s only half the size of the bigger version, this is still a fully functional leg press machine. It has a maximum weight capacity of 660 pounds and features adjustable pads and a footplate.
With a footprint of just 65 inches in depth and 52 inches in width, this machine is ideal for compact spaces. It uses the same Force USA Hover-Glide mechanism that makes the Force USA Leg Press and Hack Squat Combo so smooth and natural. This machine carries the same lifetime guarantee as the bigger model.
The Force USA Compact Leg Press is fitted with 12-inch long weight sleeves so you can add a respectable number of weight plates onto the machine. A couple of drawbacks with this machine are that it does not feature weight storage pegs and probably won’t be suitable for people taller than six-foot-six.
Force USA have worked their magic again with the Compact Leg Press machine. The movement pattern of this exercise is a hybrid of the squat and leg press but will nonetheless destroy your upper legs. 
If you’ve got a small area to put your workout gear, you need a leg press machine that will work with the space available and not compromise on functionality or your range of motion.
The TDS Vertical Premier Leg Press is a vertical leg press machine. Its footprint is considerably smaller than any 45-degree or horizontal leg press machine. Make no mistake, it is just as challenging due to your body positioning and gravity working against you.
It is a very safe machine, featuring locking handles where your hand would naturally be while using the equipment. This leg press is mounted on eight heavy-duty rollers and has four adjustable safety stop positions. It has a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds, putting it on par with other more expensive models. The footplate is extra wide, allowing for a range of foot positions and the ability to perform calf raises.
You should try the vertical leg press machine before buying one. Some people experience a blood rush to the head when exerting force in this position, which can lead to a migraine headache.
TDS Vertical Premier Leg Press is a must-have for people with limited space in their home gyms. The vertical leg press works your quads, glutes, and hamstrings. 
Cable leg press machines have their own weight stack, so you do not need to buy additional weight plates. Many home gym owners struggle to find enough while using a conventional leg press machine. So, a cable machine makes sense. Many cable machines, however, are limited in their weight capacity. The best ones allow you to add extra resistance once you max out the in-built weight stack.
The Body-Solid SLP500G2 Leg Press is a commercial-grade piece of equipment designed for people who do not want to worry about loading the machine with weight plates. It is popular with personal trainers as it is easy to set up and use. This machine provides friction-free movement thanks to its aircraft-grade steel cables. It has a 2:1 cable ratio.
This machine is available in two weight stack options—210 and 310 pounds. As you can see from those weight limitations, it is not designed for heavy use. It is, however, ideal for general fitness. It features a DuraFirm back pad for maximum comfort and lower back support.
The Body-Solid SLP500G2 Leg Press is covered by a lifetime warranty.
Body-Solid are masters of the vertical leg press. The SLP500G2 Leg Press uses a cable loading system to maintain constant tension on your upper legs throughout the movement. 
Buying from Amazon is quick and convenient, but not all leg press machines are available on that platform. Our winner in this category represents the overall best leg press machine available on Amazon. 
The Powertec Leg Press machine is the most solid, durable, functional, and well-priced machine we found on Amazon. It is a 45-degree leg press machine that, while compact, still allows for a maximum weight load of 1,000 pounds. 
The padding on this leg press machine is plusher than you will find on many competitors, especially those on Amazon. It also features larger back support than usual to provide maximum comfort while pressing. Powertec stands behind its product with a lifetime warranty.
The Powertec Leg Press is a clean-looking, stable, and rubbed leg training equipment that will last you a lifetime. Its max weight capacity of 1,000 pounds makes it a great fit for your home gym. 
If you are a strength athlete, you will probably need a leg press machine with a higher weight capacity than average. Our best leg press machine for going super heavy has the goods to meet your needs.
The Rogue Iso Leg Press 35 blows all competitors out of the water when it comes to a rugged, super solid machine that can handle maximum poundage. It has a maximum weight capacity of 2,475 pounds, which is one and a half times heavier than the second-highest max weight capacity leg press machine on this list!
As you would imagine, this is an amazingly stable and solid machine. It is made in the USA and comes in the classic Rogue black finish. It features high-quality spring safety stops and locking handles, and a multi-angle diamond tread deck.
A cool feature of this machine is that you can train each leg separately, thanks to the bilateral and unilateral leg press function. There are four weight horns on this truly impressive machine.
Rogue is synonymous with quality and sturdiness, and its Iso Leg Press 35 is no exception. The monster machine has a max weight capacity of 2,475 pounds—the highest on this list. 
A leg press is a large piece of equipment. The most compact version of the machine is the vertical leg press, which has you pressing up towards the ceiling. 
The Body-Solid Powerline Vertical Leg Press is a compact, simple yet functional vertical press machine. There is nothing fancy about it, but it does the job and does it well. The frame is made from durable alloy steel. It’s not as strong as a 45-degree leg press, having a maximum capacity of 400 pounds. 
This vertical leg press has three start and stop positions and comes with half-inch steel locking safety pins and a non-slip diamond-plated foot platform. The weight plate horns have a one-inch diameter to accommodate standard weight plates. You can, of course, put Olympic plates on them, but they will not fit snugly unless you buy a separate Olympic plate adapter. Plus, your purchase is covered by a 10-year warranty.
This is the third Body-Solid training equipment on this list, which shows how good they are at making leg press machines. The Powerline Vertical Leg Press is a hit amongst fans of the vertical leg press.
A hack squat and leg press combo machine represent good value for money, allowing you to do two of the most effective quad-building exercises on a single piece of equipment. Our best-in-class for this category provides a fast and seamless setup transition for the two exercises without compromising on the range of motion.
The BodyCraft Linear Bearing Leg Press is one of the best leg press and hack squat combo machines. It can handle up to 1,000 pounds with ease. 
The machine frame is built from heavy-duty 2×4-inch 11-gauge steel. A quad track roller system ensures that the weight is evenly distributed on both sides of the machine. The movement up and down the guide rail is fluid and natural, and there are three lockout positions to accommodate people of varying heights.
The BodyCraft Linear Bearing Leg Press provides four-inch thick foam padding on the seat, shoulder, and back pads. It also has a diamond-shaped foot platform that allows for a variety of foot positions. 
The BodyCraft Linear Bearing Leg Press is covered by a lifetime warranty.
If you want a leg press and hack squat machine hybrid—look no further. The BodyCraft Linear Bearing Leg Press is one of the most versatile machines on the market. 
Going heavy on the leg press is no walk in the park. So, you want your experience on the machine to be as comfortable as possible. Our winner in this category provides more comfort than any other machine we have tested.
As the name suggests, the XMark Leg Press Hack Squat is a hack squat and leg press machine hybrid. The machine allows a full range of motion and smooth and stutter-free roller action for both exercises. The back padding on the leg press is larger than you find on most machines and features thick foam padding. Plus, it comes with sweat and odor-resistant vinyl upholstery.
In both the hack squat and leg press setups, you can make adjustments to get in the most comfortable position. The solid steel frame is finished in a scratch-resistant powder coating, and a large footplate allows for multiple foot positions.
Your purchase of the XMark Leg Press Hack Squat is covered by a lifetime warranty.
Comfortable training equipment can be the difference between a good and a great workout. XMark Leg Press Hack Squat’s sturdiness and comfort will instill the confidence in you to push harder. 
A leg press machine is a training apparatus that requires you to press your legs from a knee bent to a straight leg position against resistance. A leg press machine can have a 45-degree (conventional) or 90-degree (vertical) angle. You can also get horizontal leg press machines that require you to press your legs out in front of you so they are parallel to the floor.
Knowing what to look for when you’re shopping for a leg press machine can help narrow your search. Here are the key aspects that you should take into consideration:
Your leg press machine will be one of the largest pieces of equipment in your home gym, so size is definitely going to be a factor. Look for a compact model that is durable and strong enough to handle the weight you’ll be throwing at it. A footprint of 45 inches wide x 65 inches long should be about ideal to provide you with the best mix of compactness and stability.
Your leg press machine will probably be handling serious weight, so it needs to be up to the task. The frame should be made from a minimum of between 11 and 13-gauge steel (remember, the smaller the gauge, the thicker the steel will be). 
Furthermore, look for a machine with a powder-coated frame finish that is rust resistant.
If the leg press uses glide rods, check that it also has linear ball bearings or nylon bushes. It should also feature high-density foam with double stitched upholstery that is odor and sweat-resistant.
If more than one person will be using the leg press machine, make sure that it has adjustable settings for the seat and foot plates.
Leg presses are not easy to assemble. But you don’t want to have an engineering diploma to get the job done. Check user reviews regarding assembly before making a purchase. We also recommend having a friend on hand to help you put the machine together.
You should expect your leg press machine to last you a lifetime, so that is the warranty you want. 
In narrowing it down to our top 10 leg press machines, we looked at several products. To make our final selection, we took the following factors into account:
Here are the benefits of adding the leg press into your training regimen:
The leg press allows you to load your quads and glutes with heavy weights without compressing your spine. This is very different from the barbell back squat, where you balance a heavy barbell on your shoulders. Doing back squats with a barbell places tremendous compressive pressure on the spine, which can cause long-term problems. You do not have this issue while using a leg press machine.
The leg press does a better job of isolating quadriceps than the squat—a compound movement requiring multiple muscles to work together. Squats also require coordination and practice to perform safely and properly. 
The leg press is a functionally easy exercise to perform. You simply sit on the machine, release the catches, draw your knees back to your chest, and then press them out again. As a result, it is very beginner friendly, especially compared to the squat. 
There are several different types of leg press machines to choose from. Here is an overview of what you are likely to encounter:
This is what most people think of when it comes to a leg press machine. These are the most common type of leg press machines and a staple in commercial gyms. The seat and back pads are set low to the ground. 45-degree leg press machines usually work with Olympic weight plates. 
A cable weight stack leg press machine usually works horizontally. The foot plate is connected to a cable weight stack that allows you to choose the weight with a pin select system. The weight stack usually maxes out at around 300 pounds. These types of leg press machines usually have the biggest footprint amongst their peers.
A leverage leg press machine also requires you to extend your legs horizontally. They make use of a hinge and fulcrum positioned under the footplate. The weight plates are stacked either above or below the footplate. 
This design is one of the oldest on the market and is suitable for home gyms as it is compact and allows you to load up as many weight plates as you need.
Vertical leg press machines were popular in the 70s and 80s—you can see one being used in the classic bodybuilding documentary Pumping Iron. To use this type of machine, you lie face up on the pad and place your feet on the footplate directly above you. You then press the plate towards the ceiling.
The great thing about the vertical leg press machine is that it has the smallest footprint of any type of leg press. The downside is that many people experience a blood rush to the brain from the inverted position, especially while using heavy weights. This can result in a headache.
A hack squat leg press machine is a 45-degree leg press that also doubles as a hack squat. This exercise does a great job of isolating the quadriceps.
Yes, a leg press machine is worth it and should be a part of your home gym. However, ideally, it should not be your first purchase. You should first get a power rack and bench as you can perform basic compound movements like the squat, bench press, and deadlift on them. Then, once your budget allows, you can add a leg press machine to your arsenal.
You can substitute the squat with the leg press. However, both should have a place in your training regimen as they play unique roles in developing your physique.
Not using a full range of motion is arguably the biggest mistake people make on the leg press machine. If you’re only moving the weight about six inches, it is a sign you are ego lifting. Get the best bang for your buck by following a full ROM.
Though not the first piece of equipment you should invest in, a leg press machine is a valuable addition to any home gym. It is a lower-back-friendly way to train your quads. Plus, it is also great for doing the calf press. In this article, we have identified the 10 best leg press machines on the market. 
The Force USA Leg Press Hack Squat Combo’s design, lifetime warranty, 1,000-pound max weight capacity, and ability to easily convert from a leg press into a hack squat make it our overall favorite leg press machine. 
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