March 24, 2023

Wellness, of late, has become a huge movement across the world, especially post the beginning of the pandemic. The last two years have seen widespread awareness regarding wellness, with everyone focused on strengthening their health and wellbeing. What may have been one of the many trends till the end of 2019, turned into an entire movement defining the next two years, said Karishma Chhatrapati, Chief Mindset and Wellness Expert at Fitza.
“Now, in 2022, we are likely to see the many other aspects of wellness becoming focal points of not just communication, but also practice. It is no more about practising what one preaches, but preaching what one practises,” she added.
Keeping this in mind, 2022 wellness trends will be based on the six dimensions that define wellness on the whole, she said.
Emotional wellness
Say no to emotional bingeing, and yes to mindful eating. Lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and obesity are a result of giving into emotional cravings, and eating not out of choice, but compulsion to please the emotions. These chronic ailments are the biggest underlying comorbidity concern of the medical fraternity across the globe.
However, a shift from falling prey to our emotions and becoming mindful of our nutritional needs go a long way in preserving our health and wellbeing. “As such, we have seen the conversation tilt towards conscious eating choices. Those following it, set examples for those on the fence. This is one mindful, healthy trend to continue into 2022,” she said.
Mood and habit trackers are huge trends to look out for, along with journaling and expressive art therapy. Anything that helps nurture emotional intelligence and bring about mental wellbeing will be part of one’s daily routine.
Occupational wellness
2020 brought in work-from-home options, and towards the end of 2021, UAE made a landmark change for the workforce in their country – 4.5 days working week. This is essential, for work and personal life balance reduces stress. Companies worldwide are considering employee wellbeing as primary aspect for productivity. This trend will reach new heights in 2022, as what seemed as a pandemic coming to an end, seems like a new normal to live with. In keeping with this perspective, organisations will go the extra mile to invest in the wellbeing of their employees.
Physical wellness
There are five primary sources of energy for the human body: food, water, breath, sleep and exercise. An imbalance in any of the sources implies a displacement of health. Conscious food choices that are of nutritional value is a moot point in the conversation about immunity.
Interestingly, a newer trend emerging in the last part of 2021 has been mindful drinking. This will be a big trend in 2022, where people will be more conscious of not just drinking more water, but also drinking healthy herbal decoctions, as part of their diet routine.
Breathwork or Pranayama is considered extremely important to prevent, as well as cure Covid 19, and its variants. Breathing consciously does not only help maintain physical wellbeing, but also the emotional and mental health of an individual.
Unhygienic sleep patterns are considered as one of the biggest evils to one’s wellness. The last few years has seen an increase in digital sleep trackers, and in 2022, this is going to continue being an important trend, as restless sleep can do as much harm as mindless junk food binging.
“Body movement, online classes, outdoor activities, are amongst the physical wellness trends to look out for in 2022. People would rather be coached digitally, than step into a gym. It’s convenient, inexpensive and consumes less time and effort. Above all, there is no excuse not to exercise. There are so many options to exercise with a digital coach. There is an exponential growth in the number of ‘smart devises’ to track one’s fitness routine, making one accountable,” she added.
Social wellness
One of the biggest sore points of the Covid pandemic has been social isolation. As it continues into 2022, people will continue to be cautious and step out only when necessary. Smaller meet-ups at home will continue to be the trend. Social travels will continue in self-created bio-bubbles, where all group members test, travel and return home as safely as possible.
Intellectual wellness
Books, podcasts, documentaries, all sources of information, will be trending in 2022. We are entering a year where the digital age will probably achieve mind-boggling milestones. Information is the leader.
Spiritual wellness
2022 will also see an increased steering towards meditation and mindfulness. Mindfulness will be the adjective to look out for – mindful eating, mindful drinking, mindful clothing, mindful utensils, mindful cooking, mindful body movement, mindful reading, mindful education, mindful digital apps, mindful habits, and the list is endless. The world is going through a transition and is looking at healing from the trauma of the last two years. The journey is towards spiritual awareness, and wholesome living. It also includes addressing individual roles in preserving the environment and living consciously.
In 2022, we are definitely going to witness innovation and awareness driven wellness, said Chhatrapati.
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