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Last Updated: December 19, 2021, 16:22 IST
It is not just physical health, but studies have revealed that exercises help in maintaining sound mental health (Image: Shutterstock)
The only positive impact that the pandemic had on people worldwide was that everyone has become all the more concerned about their health. It is not just physical health, but studies have revealed that exercises help in maintaining sound mental health.
From online personal training to setting up a gym at home, 2021 has witnessed people innovating and adapting new ways to prioritise their health. So, let’s have a look at some of those fitness trends of this year.
Besides fitness bands that have the ability to count your steps and even track your sleeping cycle, the market is now flooded with fascinating gadgets aimed at fitness enthusiasts. Smart watches too have been loaded with features like heart rate monitors, pulse readers among others to assist people in tracking their health.
Including more fruits and vegetables to ditching dairy and turning completely vegan, people have been influenced by different diet cultures. Though each one of them have their own merits and demerits. This year, celebrities were seen promoting keto diets where one follows a low carb and high fat and protein diet to lose weight.
Not only in India, but yoga has gained worldwide popularity for its range of benefits from increased mobility and flexibility to better concentration. Yoga has influenced numerous people to switch from other modes of exercise like weightlifting and cardio as it is more convenient to do at home and requires almost no equipment.
As commercial gyms stayed closed for way too long and people getting impatient to resume their fitness journey, many resorted to investing in a home gym so that nothing hampers their workouts. But as home gyms can also be a bit expensive, some tried their hand at calisthenics by installing a simple parallel bar or a pull-up bar.
A rise in demand for personal health coaches and trainers was observed during this time with numerous people signing up on fitness applications for diet plans, workout plans and tips. Many commercial trainers also adopted the online mode and started coaching their clients through video link bridging the physical gap amid the pandemic.
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