June 4, 2023

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Health and wellness trends for 2022 are forming as we speak. Consumer lifestyle changes lead to a shift in social norms, with people realizing the importance of being more active and healthy. Here are a few global health and wellness trends that will be in effect in 2022.
Functional  Beverage Consumption
Functional beverages are non-alcoholic beverages that contain added nutrients or ingredients. Functional beverages provide health benefits beyond hydration and are becoming an integral part of healthy diets.
As a result, they’ve become a significant portion of the soft drinks industry. They are gaining popularity due to their wide range of applications in body care and healthy living, weight management, gastrointestinal health, and blood sugar regulation.
Natural Skincare Routines
Many consumers have now shifted from chemically-based products to natural and organic skincare routines. Studies show that consumers are becoming more aware of what they are putting on their skin.
The growing concern for the environment has resulted in a marked shift towards purity and cleanliness, one of the chief factors driving the marketplace towards natural and organic skincare products. Another driving factor is that organic skincare routines ensure that your skin gets protected from toxic chemicals.
Move Towards Plant-Based Diets
More consumers are choosing to adopt a more plant-based diet, with little to no meat on the menu. This trend results from the growing awareness surrounding animal welfare and the sustainability of the environment.
Additionally, we’ve discovered that most people are now aware of the effects of the modern diet on their health. They know that healthy gut flora is essential for good body function and general wellness. This trend has caused the demand for meat substitutes, such as tofu, seitan, and tempeh, to rise in recent years.
Increased Focus on Personalized Medicine
With advancements in technology, consumers demand personalized medicine and products that meet their specific needs. We have also discovered that consumers want products tailored to suit their lifestyle and preferences, which is where consumer health tracking devices come into play. 
Consumers now track their daily activities, body condition, and other health metrics using smartphone apps and smart wearable devices. Consumers are also looking for products that can help them make better-informed decisions about their personal wellness, including treating seasonal allergies, lowering blood pressure, and regulating blood sugar levels.
Sexual Wellness
Sex, more than ever, has been prioritized among married couples since it has the potential to bring a couple closer together. As a result, we have seen more focus on sexual wellness, with products and services aimed at improving the sex lives of romantic partners.
For instance, the availability of adult toys in Canada and other countries means couples can safely and securely shop for ways to spice things up in the bedroom. A similar thing can be said for pharmaceuticals meant to treat sexual dysfunction. The same goes for various instructional materials aimed at helping men and women boost performance and provide greater pleasure for their romantic partners.
More Focus on Sports and Physical Activity
With the focus on health and wellness, people are becoming more active. As a result, we have seen a rise in the global sports industry. Sports are also becoming more prominent in our daily lives, with people opting to continually stay fit and healthy by participating in various forms of physical activities, including mood-boosting exercises at home.
Mental Health
Recent trends in the health and wellness industry show that people are now more aware of their mental health. Many consumers are currently working to improve their mental well-being.
Foot and Nail Care
In recent years, we have seen an increased focus on foot and nail care products. Some brands even make use of celebrity endorsements to sell their products. With increased awareness surrounding foot health, people are more concerned about ensuring that they take good care of their feet and nails.
It’s clear that there is a strong movement towards health and wellness, with consumers aiming to live healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. With further advancements in technology and research, we will see even more advances in this field in the coming years.

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On this episode, we chat with Rob about his take on corporate marketing for Pride, going from power marketing genius for Uber & Grindr to working on his own brand, coming out, going viral, mental health in the social media world, body image, and hitting the road with his North American tour….oh, and love and dating. Hosted by Alexander Rodriguez.
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