February 9, 2023

As the year comes to a close, it's time to forget about the absolute bin fire that was 2021, and look towards all the sparkly goodness the new year offers (sit down, Omicron). 
One way to know what to expect? Looking at Pinterest's annual report. 
At the end of each year, the search giant looks at all the most popular searches and 'Pins' (over 300 billion per month) and dumps all its glorious predictions on us for the year ahead.
It’s basically a not-yet-trending report of what will be trending. 
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So, what's going down in 2022? Well, lotsa things, actually. Particularly when it comes to the health and wellbeing space.
Wanna find out more? Course you do!
From low-intensity exercise to a focus on all things energy healing, here are the top four wellness trends you can expect to see everywhere in 2022.
One positive of the pandemic is the fact that being stuck indoors forced us to slow down a bit. Look after ourselves. Do five face masks a day. 
And with gyms and fitness studios closing their doors, it also helped us discover new ways to move our bodies, with more people using virtual workouts and investing in equipment to use at home.
And as the new year approaches, Pinterest said we can expect a new wave of low-intensity workout trends to take over the fitness landscape. 
In 2022, it looks like people will be more focused on mellow ways to move their bodies in order to feel good, prevent injury and boost recovery.
Think mobility training, walking, stretching and things like yoga and pilates – exercise that focuses on strength, without the intensity on our joints and bodies (see ya, HIIT classes).
When it comes to some of the top searches, 'floating aesthetic' came out on top – up by 170 per cent, while 'lazy workout in bed' (love this for us) was up by 135 per cent.
Things like 'daily stretching routine' (up by 80 per cent), 'walking in nature' (up by 95 per cent) and 'simple dance moves' (up by 150 per cent), were other popular forms of exercise that have seen a rise in searches.
According to Pinterest, we'll soon see a rise in people educating themselves on their menstrual health – with everything from cycle phases and period care among the top searches. 
The generation driving this movement? Millennials. 
The movement will see us shifting away from the taboo surrounding menstruation, as people start to embrace and gain a better understanding of how everyone's cycle is different, and how their period is way more than just “that time of the month.” 
When it comes to some of the top searches around the topic, 'menstrual cycle chart' was up by 95 per cent, 'period starter kit' was up by 85 per cent and 'follicular phase' was up 70 per cent. 
Other highly searched terms were things like 'luteal phase' and 'period care'.
Another area of health and wellbeing that will see a surge in 2022 is relationships – which will see people working on a more conscious way to relate to one another. 
Which is only a good thing, right?
From the psychology behind attachment styles to a spotlight on couples counselling and a focus on friendship dynamics, in 2022 Pinterest is predicting people across all age groups will work to transform their relationships with partners, loved ones and with themselves.
According to the report, search for 'healthy marriage tips' has risen by 190 percent, while 'setting healthy boundaries' is up by 170 per cent and 'couples counselling worksheets' has seen a similar jump – up by 115 per cent.
Other highly searched terms were things like, 'uncomfortable questions to ask' and 'friendship dynamics'.
Thanks to Gen Z, another one of the biggest health and wellness trends to watch out for in 2022 is understanding the importance of protecting your energy. 
Off the back of a VERY tough year, searches are showing that people are becoming more interested in how to reinforce positivity and let go of stress and frustration in their lives. 
According to Pinterest, Gen Z-ers are looking for ways to raise their 'vibration', searching for spiritual awakening stages and even aura colours. 
Yes, ✨ aura colours✨.
Some of the most popular searches include 'how to raise your vibration' (up by 145 per cent), how to protect your energy (up 60 per cent), 'frequency healing' and 'spiritual awakening stages'.
What do you think of the above health and wellbeing trends? Share with us in the comment section below.
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