June 9, 2023

SINGAPORE – The coronavirus has brought about fundamental changes to our lives, including how we stay fit and healthy. In light of the pandemic, many of us have adopted different workout regimens to stay fit.
Yahoo Life SEA spoke with fitness industry insiders from Virgin Active Singapore, Urban Den, The Ripple Club, F45 Global Athletics, Hello Physio, and Anya Active on the rising fitness trends in 2022. The representatives also share how they have pivoted their business models to meet the changing fitness demands in Singapore. With the continued work from home and remote work situations, here are the top six trends these fitness professionals have observed. On top of that, Yahoo Life SEA also points out where you can start moving and get your heart rate up in a safe manner.
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At Yahoo Life SEA, we are always mindful of the silver linings in life. One significant upside to the pandemic was how people realised that daily movement is vital to physical health as well as mental wellness. At the same time, gyms are offering online and offline workout experiences, on top of complementary workouts, to suit their members' new lifestyles.
From 2022, Virgin Active (VA) Singapore has rolled out new membership options that provide more flexibility and options to suit various lifestyle considerations. The gym is now offering membership options such as “The Once-a-weeker”, “The Goal-getter”, and “The Long termer." Memberships are now available for busy professionals with once a week entries, a short-term package with unlimited entries for those with short-term goals like brides-to-be, while the dedicated ones can opt for a 12-month membership with unlimited access to all six clubs.
Many are seeing fitness from a holistic point of view and including healing as part of the health approach. One of the greatest differentiating factors of Virgin Active gyms is its emphasis on wellness. VA clubs are fitted with Himalayan Salt Room, Ice Room, Sleep Pods, and Experiential showers.
Join Virgin Active Singapore.
When the first circuit breaker was introduced in April 2020, exercising outdoors became the default choice. Now that gyms have reopened, it appears that the love for outdoor sports with ample airflow and social distancing measures has not abated. As social beings, smaller group classes and personal training are also high in demand.
F45 has also innovated their workout offerings in light of the constantly evolving pandemic. For example, F45 Live is an online platform where members can train from home alongside their trainers from the comfort of their homes. The F45 Challenge App offers members a wide array of health and fitness related tools such as workouts, recipes, goal tracking, and online educational resources. Best of all, these are available on demand.
Find out more at F45 Global Athletics.
Making time for longer workouts may be daunting. With a significant portion of the workforce still working remotely, many choose to work out during off-peak hours thanks to their flexible work hours. Many have opted to sneak pockets of movement into their daily routine, such as cycling to work or seeking out nature therapy by taking a break from work at nearby parks.
The desire for social interaction and in-person training is stronger than ever. Urban Den’s members have started opting for shorter, stackable workouts that deliver results. To complement these high-intensity workouts, therapeutic exercises, such as recovery yoga have become more popular for a more well-rounded fitness experience.
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At the start of the pandemic, the effectiveness of HIIT workouts brought quick results in many fitness enthusiasts, along with knee aches. Now that fitness centres are back, people are looking for more sustainable ways to get fitter, with an eye towards low impact exercises. Many have realised that low impact exercises can also provide the necessary caloric burn, improved strength, mobility, and fitness level, and lower risk of injuries.
At The Ripple Club classes at Fairmont Singapore, participants can adjust the intensity of their workout while ensuring their bones and joints are supported by the aquatic environment.
Outfits such as HelloPhysio, which uses a combination of manual therapy and evidence-based technologies to enhance tissue healing and regeneration, are becoming more popular as well.
See what The Ripple Club and Hello Physio can do for you.
With the majority of the workforce adopting the hybrid home and office model, athleisure has become the preferred wear at home. People want pieces that allow them to transition easily from barre to boardroom and leggings with pockets without the need for extra bags for their smartphones.
Rising to meet this new demand is Anya Active sportswear, which is not only comfortable for whole day wear, the styles are also flexible enough to be worn under office tops or corporate jackets.
Find your favourite athleisure wear at Anya Active.
As the vaccination rates increase, virtual workout classes will take a backseat this year. Instead, wearable devices where people can track their fitness goals are becoming increasingly ubiquitous.
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