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Feb 14, 2022, 09:25 ET
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WASHINGTON, Feb. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GoodFirms, the leading research, listing, and review platform, recently published its latest survey report- "At-Home Fitness Regime Is the Top Fitness Trend in 2022: GoodFirms’ Survey." This survey from GoodFirms reveals contemporary fitness trends, emerging fitness models, key challenges, and the latest opportunities in the fitness industry.
The research highlights the adoption of new fitness regimes and a shift towards at-home digital fitness solutions. 56.1% of respondents surveyed by GoodFirms reported a preference for at-home fitness regimes.

"More People Are Investing In Personal Home Gym Space And At-Home Fitness Equipment" – GoodFirms
The survey also reveals the emergence and a dramatic shift towards new-age hybrid gym models. GoodFirms’ research found that 40% of fitness clubs have tapped into the hybrid fitness models.

"Hybrid is changing equations in almost all industries. Many fitness SaaS providers were already working on virtual fitness classes and the tech that enables them. Therefore, when the pandemic struck, many advanced gyms were quick to adopt the hybrid models.", says GoodFirms.
Further in its analysis on the latest fitness trends and opportunities, GoodFirms found that the pandemic has appended the fitness regimes of people, and more people are now engaged in fitness activities. The fitness industry is seeing an increase in the number of people who are training at home, with a personalized accompaniment of certified personal trainers. Group workouts and short workout sessions with high-intensity exercise are gaining more traction among fitness enthusiasts.
Survey respondents reported investment in personal home gym space, use of wearable devices to monitor their fitness activities, and subscription to virtual fitness classes.
The research further elaborates on the key challenges in the fitness industry, such as the pandemic-induced membership loss, liquidity issues, misinformation spread by self-proclaimed fitness stars on social media channels, wavered consumer confidence, and supply chain complexities.
Along with the challenges, the study suggests plausible solutions such as customized pricing models, hybrid models, customer-oriented services, and technological exuberance with software solutions such as gym management software that assist fitness establishments in surviving any future headwinds.
"Even in these unprecedented times, abundant opportunities arise for those who can foresee, innovate, re-imagine and transform to appeal to whole new groups of consumers," says GoodFirms.
GoodFirms’ research asserts that partnerships between fitness studios/gyms, fitness application makers, wearable companies, and fitness influencers can facilitate efficient service models that address the needs of modern fitness consumers. 
The research concludes with insights on how fitness establishments can entice consumers with hybrid models, realigned business focus, customized service offerings, and reexamined value propositions.
Key Takeaways from the Research:
About the Survey:
GoodFirms Survey-"At-Home Fitness Regime Is the Top Fitness Trend in 2022: GoodFirms’ Survey" was conducted between 15 January 2022 and 24 January 2022. The research reveals historic and dramatic shifts in the fitness industry, trends that are shaping fitness activities and consumer behavior, challenges to overcome, and opportunities for fitness establishments.
The survey was sent electronically to a defined and selected list of fitness professionals/enthusiasts and a general audience. A total number of 410 respondents, including ACSM certified fitness professionals, nutritionists, gym owners, fitness software providers, and individual fitness trainers, participated in the survey.
To view the full survey report, including additional insights and participant demographics, please visit: https://www.goodfirms.co/resources/at-home-fitness-regime-top-fitness-trend
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About GoodFirms:
GoodFirms is a globally recognized IT research and review platform. GoodFirms’ review platform assists businesses in evaluating the best alternative for software and IT service requirements. The exclusive research insights about current happenings and the latest business trends provided by GoodFirms have been valuable in shaping the perceptions of buyers while making business decisions.
SOURCE GoodFirms
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