March 26, 2023

Looking to get inspired to get on the workout train in 2022? Well, perhaps the forecasted trends might point you in the right direction.
Recently, PureGym released the analysis of their worldwide Google search data and revealed the fitness trends that are set to dominate 2022.
The research analysed data for over 100 fitness trends to see the increase and decrease of interest between now and last year. It’s to no surprise that home workouts are in the decline with a decrease of 64 per cent after a huge surge in the height of the pandemic, as people are longing to return to the gym, classes and the outdoors.
Meanwhile, the popularity of glute workouts has an increase of 22 per cent and shows no sign of slowing down as interest is growing year on year whereas arms saw an 18 per cent drop in interest.
What exactly can we attribute to these changes? According to Stephen Rowe, Chief Marketing Officer at PureGym, it’s down to the upheaval we’ve seen in the world over the last two years.
“The world of fitness has gone through a lot of change in the last two years, and it’s been really interesting to see what trends have come out of this period, as well as which trends are on their way out,” he explained. ” While we’ve loved welcoming people back to the gym, we know the key to a healthy life is finding an activity you enjoy – and fitness trends play a huge part in this.”
The data has allowed PureGym to understand the top fitness trends of 2022 and below are the top 5.
The 234 per cent increase in interest in weighted hula-hoops likely has TikTok to thank as the app has around 200 million views on hula hoop workouts. Yet hula-hooping isn’t just a TikTok trend it actually has an array of benefits for the body too. It of course burns calories, helps to reduce fat around your waist and hips, whilst increasing core muscle mass and aerobic health. Studies also show that it decreases bad cholesterol and can release dopamine as it’s classed as a fun exercise.
Zuu saw a 124 per cent increase in interest and burning around 300 calories in 30 minutes is likely to be the reason why. The adapted style of HITT training by Australian fitness guru Nathan Helberg, is a combined strength and energy class that creates a full-body workout. Based on the movements of animals, the workouts use primal moves such as pushes, pulls, bends, twists, squats and lunges in challenging ways.
New mums worry about fitting workouts into their new lives so it makes sense that stroller fitness has seen a 91 per cent increase of interest. Power walking whilst pushing a stroller is a good enough workout to burn calories and increase cardio levels, yet new parents are now making this a more challenging workout. Some parents are going solo whilst others are creating classes in groups in which they run or jog with their stroller, combining cardio with strength training as the stroller is your piece of equipment. An impactful workout within the company of your baby.
Reverse running saw a 50 per cent increase and this exercise is as good for the mind as it is for the body. The activity requires you to run backwards which taps into different sensory signalling as you are no longer relying on sight to guide your direction and at first it’s an extremely uncomfortable experience. Yet each time you get better, it burns more calories than traditional running, improves posture, reduces the impact on your knees and stimulates your brain too.
This fitness activity often creeps up into the annual fitness trends, it featured in 2009, 2014, 2019 and this year the exercise saw an increase of 39 per cent. Trapeze focuses on multiple muscle groups at the same time, allowing for a total body workout that burns calories and acts as strength training. The physical aspect of Trapeze is a challenge in itself but the classes will give your brain a workout too as timings are key.
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