June 2, 2023

Here are a few trends that will rule 2022.
With the entry of the Omicron variant and while the Delta one continues to wreak havoc in several countries, it seems that the New Year will, too, be about health and overall well-being. So, if you are wondering what all trends will the New Year has on offer, it may be all about health, and fitness, once again taking the centre stage, and the supplements market may see fresh growth.
Here are 5 health and well-being trends that will rule 2022.
Supplements market all set to grow
While the existing players may continue to rule the market, the new ones will enter the race. People will not hesitate in spending a handsome amount on products that promise good health and well-being. New formulas and the resurrection of the old-lost essential nutrients will dictate 2022.
supplements market
Mental health will not fade away
2022 will encourage people to talk about mental health on a bigger platform. Toxic jobs, anxiety, work, and personal life stress, will all become a topic of discussion and people may feel free enough to seek leaves from work for their mental health and not cover that up with an excuse of fever or headache.
mental health
Reiki healing may grab people’s attention
People are slowly understanding the power of energies and this may mean practices like Reiki and Sound healing will grab eyeballs. While it can’t be an alternative for the allopathic treatment, it can definitely serve as an add-on.
Body care will dominate skincare
As people are becoming more informed about overall health and well-being, this may lead people to focus on body care. Physical exercises will continue to rule and online workouts and yoga sessions will be people’s choice. People may want to make informed decisions about their bodies and not just skin or outer beauty.
body care
Telehealth industry will grow
There was a time when many doubted the accuracy of telehealth services, but now the pandemic has made people realised its efficacy. From something as bad as ear pain to a less severe issue like minor allergy, people may continue to seek help from doctors who are just a click away. However, this doesn’t mean physical visits to the hospitals will be replaced, telehealth will be a saviour in an emergency.
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