March 30, 2023

FORMER fast food fan Shaine Tench has taken up window cleaning in a bid to lose weight — after tipping the scales at 28st.
Shaine, 25, set about slimming down because he started fearing for his health.
At his worst the ex-takeaway worker was scoffing an entire tub of cookie dough ice cream, two pizzas and three litres of Coca Cola a day.
Shaine — who has to clean low level windows because he is too heavy for the ladders — admitted: “Fast food was destroying my life.
“I had it in my head that it was going to kill me.
“I realised I’d never seen a fat window cleaner.
“They’re always slim and healthy looking, so I thought it would be a great way to lose weight.”
Shaine, of Crewe, Cheshire, joined his brother’s business A Star Window Cleaning last year.
He said: “I believe I’m the fattest window cleaner in Britain.
“I work with other guys who are much slimmer than me, who can go up the ladders and clean the higher-up windows. It’s my dream to be able to do that.”
Reflecting on his past, he said “I’ve spent all my life working in fast food restaurants, meaning I kept piling on weight.
“During a shift, I’d eat two large pizzas, wedges, chicken strips, and up to three litres of Coke each day. And then I would eat an entire tub of cookie dough ice cream in the space of 15 minutes.”
Shaine said he was initially too big to wear a proper window cleaner’s belt.
He said: “I had to get creative and make my own. I ordered a 22in leather belt from Jacamo and added clips I could attach my tools to.
“I received some nasty comments on Facebook about people not wanting a fat window cleaner because they didn’t think I’d be up to the job. It made me want to prove them wrong.
“I was 28st and I’m now 26st 5lb.
"I’d need to lose another 8st to safely go up the ladders, but I’m confident I will get there one day.
"I feel great and I am getting fitter.”
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