June 2, 2023

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India has pledged to reach net-zero by 2070 despite its massive reliance on fossil fuels. Its two richest men, Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani, are competing to dominate that new green economy.
Lure of Big Profits Draws Veteran Vessels Into Russian Oil Trade
Starbucks COO to Depart, Role to Be Eliminated in Overhaul
Tesla Autopilot Probe Casts Eye on Role of In-Car Camera
High-Flying Travel Startup Pollen Collapses, Leaving Trail of Complaints
Musk Says Twitter Is Hounding Him Over Every Chat About Buyout
UK Labour Demands Recall of Parliament to Tackle Energy Crisis
Russia Is Seen Using Ukraine Nuclear Plant as Shield for Troops
Ryan Cohen Pockets $68 Million Profit on Bed Bath & Beyond Trade
Return to Office Is Being Threatened by a Child Care Crisis in Australia
Rock Mag Creem Attempts Comeback After More Than 30 Years
Colleges Vie for New Bosses as Harvard, MIT Lead Retirement Wave
You Thought China’s Tech Slowdown Was Bad
China’s Economy Has Hidden Pockets of Strength
Bed Bath & Beyond Can’t Hide Behind Meme Status Anymore
Richest Silicon Valley Suburb Says Build Anywhere But Here
Neobanks Are Struggling to Make Good on Their Lofty Promises
Stories of Climate Adaptation From a Simmering Subcontinent
Florida’s ‘Stop Woke Act’ for Workplaces Blocked by Federal Judge
Starbucks Must Offer to Rehire Fired Activists, Judge Rules
Browns’ Deshaun Watson Suspended 11 Games, Fined $5 Million
Startup’s Hydrogen Breakthrough May Give New Life to Coal Plants
Another Coal Plant Wins Lifeline Despite Biden’s Green Push
New England Cities Fight Abortion Misinformation With Truth-in-Ads Laws
What Penn Station’s $6 Billion Makeover Means for NYC
The Fight Against Evictions Moves to the Courts
Banks’ Crypto Exposure Capped by Canadian Regulator in New Rules
Ethereum Developers Back Sept. 15 Target for Blockchain Software ‘Merge’
Nigeria Seeks to Boost E-Naira Users 10-Fold as Cryptos Grow
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Robin Miller practiced internal medicine in traditional settings for a decade, but got frustrated by the short amount of time she spent with patients and the poor tools at her disposal. She says it felt as if most doctors were treating symptoms and not root problems. “So I stopped the regular practice,” she says, “and decided to do integrative medicine.”
Miller did a two-year fellowship in 2000 with alternative medicine guru Andrew Weil at his namesake center at the University of Arizona. Weil has written more than a dozen books on the subjects of healthy living, and mycology (the study of fungi) is a passion: Since 2005 he’s teamed up with Origins cosmetics, which sells a Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom skin-care collection.


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