February 1, 2023

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow will take a measured approach to the rest of training camp this summer while working hard to lose weight after an appendectomy.
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Speaking to reporters for the first time during training camp, Burrow confirmed that he’s been eating a lot and everything while trying to lose weight.
Burrow didn’t specify how much weight he lost but did note that opening up like this to deal with a torn appendix affects the core muscles.
As captured by The Athletic’s Paul Dehner Jr., Burrow is still expected to return to normal by the opener:
Burrow says he doesn’t want to reveal how much weight he lost but he’s “working to get it back.”
It’s clearly been a big part of this process of feeling back to normal. He said that he definitely expects the opener to be where he needs to be.
— Paul Dehner Jr. (@pauldehnerjr) 17 August 2022
Burrow also confirmed that he was unlikely to play during the preseason, although it was expected that he was derailed by a medical problem prior to the start of his training camp.
While shedding weight can be a valid concern when it comes to durability and hit-taking, Burrow has plenty of time to add weight to his frame and, ideally, the outfit has taken the offensive in hopes of helping keep him upright. Rebuilt the line, anyway.

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