March 26, 2023

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There are times when it can be a challenge to incorporate fitness into the day. Maybe you planned to wake up early to head to the gym, but pressed snooze a few too many times. Or maybe you thought you’d have time for fitness after work, but now you’ve decided to put it off until tomorrow. Instead of trying to find the extra minutes to squeeze in exercise before or after work, why not do it while on the job? This is where the treadmill desk — essentially a movable workstation attached to a treadmill to keep you moving while you work — comes in handy.
If your days are spent sitting for long periods of time, a treadmill desk can transform your routine. Even if you need to be in front of a computer all day, you can still get some exercise thanks to these efficient workspaces designed to allow you to walk while you work.
Almost any desk can be turned into a treadmill desk with the right modifications. Your desk should be tall enough for you to stand while using it. So you may need a standing desk converter to allow your station to reach the right height or you can opt for a standing desk.
In addition to a desk that can be raised to an appropriate height, you’ll need to pick out an under desk treadmill. While you won’t always get fancy screens or hand rails, these machines fit conveniently beneath your desk.
When looking for the best under desk treadmill for your lifestyle, there are several factors to consider including how much room it takes up, how much weight it can support and how fast it can go. You might also consider whether you need an extra quiet treadmill that won’t be distracting while you work, if safety features are a top priority, and if limited space is an issue.
We’ve made a list of the best treadmill desk options and their standout features to help you find the right fit for your needs.
You don’t need a lot of space to fit a Walkingpad P1 into your office environment. This piece of fitness equipment is designed to be easily assembled and moved.
One unique design aspect of this walking treadmill is that it allows you to store it upright or in compact spaces such as under your desk, couch or bed. The Walkingpad P1 can be moved around easily on its front wheels. (Compare that to regular upright treadmills which may require a significant amount of space and often weigh over 250-pounds due to heavy motors, screens, arm rails and other accessories.)
The treadmill belt has a sturdy friction grip and comes with a remote control that has a display screen, which serves to both show you how fast you’re walking and adjust the speed. Speeds can reach up to about 3.7 miles/hr (6 kilometers/hr). You can also use it in manual mode, controlling how fast you go by where you are positioned on the treadmill.
At $499, the WalkingPad P1 foldable walking treadmill is an affordable and space-efficient model to conveniently bring some light fitness into your routine.
Dimensions: 32.5-inches x 21.5-inches x 5-inches overall; 47-inch x 16.5-inch walking space
Machine Weight: 62 pounds
User Capacity: Up to 220 pounds
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LifeSpan Fitness
If you’re tall, you’re going to have a longer stride, which means a 47-inch treadmill might not be the most comfortable option for your needs. The Lifespan tr1200-dt3 is a great treadmill option for those looking for some extra length for their steps since it spans 58-inches.
This treadmill comes ready to go and already assembled straight out of the box. It has an adjustable speed range of 0.4 to 4 miles per hour, and you can control your speed and monitor your progress on the LED display. The moveable console display can sit on your desk for easy access to make adjustments. The console also allows you to keep track of the amount of time you’ve been on the treadmill, your number of steps, calories burned and distance in miles covered.
This longer under desk treadmill option supports up to 350-pounds of weight with features including a 2-ply belt and non-slip plastic side rails. It also has an “Intelli-Guard” smart feature that detects when you’ve stepped off the treadmill belt to stop the machine from running when you aren’t using it. While it is a heavier under desk treadmill at 114-pounds, wheels make it manageable to move around the room.
Though it’s not completely silent, this treadmill’s noise is limited due to a “whisper-quiet” 2.25HP (horsepower) continuous-duty motor. It also has 6 impact-absorbing compression shocks to help soften noise. Reviewers share that you can talk on the phone while on it without the sound from the treadmill being an issue.
One thing to keep in mind is that reviewers say that this treadmill beeps a lot. Repetitive beeping can be quite annoying, but this sound can be turned off through the console. Overall, this under desk treadmill is a solid option for anyone looking for a durable treadmill that can support a heavier amount of weight and a longer stride.
Dimensions: 63-inches x 28.5-inches x 7.25-inches overall; 20-inch x 50-inch walking space
Machine Weight: Approximately 114 pounds
User Capacity: Up to 350 pounds
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The Goplus 2-in-1 treadmill is a versatile treadmill option with a wide speed range that’s only made better by the addition of hand rails. It can be used under your desk to walk while you work or unfolded for a more intense cardio workout. When used as an under desk treadmill, you can walk at speeds of up to 2.49 mph (4km/hr) on a non-slip platform. For a more intense workout, you can unfold this Goplus treadmill, raising the hand rail (42-inches) to run up to its top speed of 7.46 mph (12km/hr).
The treadmill comes with a remote to control speed and check your stats on the LED display at the front of the machine. Details available include time, distance and calories burned. Additionally, the treadmill has a Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to connect your phone to play music or your preferred audio.
The treadmill’s 2.25HP motor is considerably quiet and its shock-absorbing design helps keep its noise to a minimum while enhancing safety. If you’re looking for an option with entertainment features and multipurpose flexibility to run as well as walk, this Goplus 2-in-1 may be a great fit.
Dimensions: 49-inches x 27-inches x 42-inches overall; 40-inch x 16-inch walking space
Machine Weight: 84 pounds
User Capacity: Up to 265 pounds
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Whether you want to walk while you work or get your heart rate up with a run, Goyouth 2-in-1 provides a great under desk treadmill model with 12 exercise program settings built-in. Additonally, this compact treadmill can reach speeds of up to 6 mph.
The LED display at the front of the treadmill helps you track time, calories burned, steps, speed and distance. You can also control your speed with a remote control. The treadmill comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker that you can connect to your phone to play music, podcasts or other audio.
Though not totally quiet, the treadmill’s noise is on the lower side thanks to a 2.25HP motor and shock-absorbing design. Several reviewers say this treadmill is quiet enough to use during calls or meetings. One reviewer shared that two of his co-workers purchased the treadmill after seeing him walk on it during Zoom meetings.
This treadmill’s set of wheels make it easy to roll under a couch, bed or other small space. For maintenance, the treadmill comes with a small bottle of oil which should be applied after every 30 hours of use to keep the belt lubricated and functioning at its best.
Dimensions: 50.59-inches x 22.44-inches x 5.51-inches overall; 15.75-inch x 41.34-inch walking space
Machine Weight: 50.7 pounds
User Capacity: Up to 220 pounds
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At just $299.25 on sale, the Sunny Health and Fitness Walkstation is an affordable under desk treadmill with a compact and relatively lightweight design.
This treadmill can reach speeds of up to 3.75 mph and features a large 14-inch x 5-inch display to keep track of key metrics including time, speed, calories burned, steps, and distance. It also comes with a remote control to change speed.
Helpful features include an automatic pause when no one is detected on the machine and a power saving mode that works automatically after the treadmill has been idle for 10 minutes.
Dimensions: 50-inches x 21-inches x 6.5-inches overall; 39-inch x 14-inch walking space
Machine Weight: 55.1 pounds
User Capacity: Up to 220 pounds
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If you’re looking for a quiet under desk treadmill created for your home office environment, rather than the gym, the ThermoTread GT is an option specifically made for the workday. While this treadmill only gets up to a max speed of 2.5 mph, it is a reliable “NEAT” certified (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) treadmill by The Mayo Clinic; a NEAT certification measures the number of calories burned when doing non-exercise related activities.
One aspect of the ThermoTread GT that makes it an attractive office treadmill is that its sound level is a “whisper-quiet” 42.7dB, quieter than many office HVAC systems. Reviewers consistently comment about being satisfied with the treadmill’s quiet noise level.
The ThermoTread GT comes with a 7.25-inch x 4.125-inch x 6-inch touchscreen display console to help you monitor your calories burned, time, step count, distance, and walking speed. In addition to tracking time spent walking, the console allows you to track time spent sitting and standing.
When it comes to safety features, the console has an attached safety key with a tether cord and clip that can be attached to your clothing. If the safety key disconnects, the treadmill will automatically stop.
Dimensions: 67.5-inches x 28.35-inches x 9.5-inches overall; 20-inch x 50-inch walking space
Machine Weight: 147 pounds
User Capacity: Up to 400 pounds
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If you prefer a pre-built treadmill with extra walking space, the Rhythm Fun might a solid choice for you. Some treadmills have more usable belt space than others when compared to the length and width of the whole treadmill unit. With the Rhythm Fun, you get a 17.7-inch (45 centimeter) wide belt for walking or light running at up to 3.7 mph. The Rhythm Fun comes already assembled, and ready to use straight out of the box. All you have to do it plug it in to get started using it.
Like many other under desk treadmills, there is a large display at the front of the treadmill to check speed, time, distance and calories burned. You can use the remote to turn the treadmill on, shut off and control speed or you can download the smartphone app for additional features to keep track of your progress. The treadmill weighs less than 80 pounds, making it a manageable portable treadmill to move for storage.
Dimensions: 62.2-inches x 27.17-inches x 6.3-inches overall; 20-inch x 50-inch walking space
Machine Weight: Approximately 74 pounds
User Capacity: Up to 220 pounds
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iMovR’s Lander Lite Treadmill Desk combo is a great choice for those who don’t want to be bothered shopping around for different standing desk/under desk treadmill components. A hand controller capable of syncing with your phone gives you the ability to change the speed of your treadmill via a free downloadable app. Whisper-quiet motors (42.7 dB to be exact) keep the transitions between speeds and raising or lowering your desk barely audible. iMovR provides several desk finishes to choose from including various woodgrain colors, reclaimed wood and metal tops such as carbon fiber. One reviewer noted how sturdy this desk/treadmill combo is while another was a fan of the smooth rise and fall of the desk.
While iMovR’s Lander Lite Treadmill Desk is a pricier treadmill desk option at $3,330, its customizability and unique design make it an attractive option for those looking for a stable treadmill desk with the full package. The desk features a lifetime warranty on the steel frame, a 15-year warranty on all motors and electronics and a 15-year warranty on the 3D-laminate desktop if you choose that finish. The treadmill features a 3-year warranty on the motor, 2-year warranty on parts and a 1-year warranty on labor.
Dimensions: 67.5-inches x 28.35-inches x 9.5-inches; 20-inch x 50-inch walking area
Machine Weight: 147 pounds
User Capacity: Up to 400 pounds
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Treadmill desks provide an efficient way to take steps towards supporting your health while also making the most of your time. According to research, too much time spent being sedentary may have negative health impacts including an increased risk of disease and depression.
Most of us spend around 10-13 hours of the day in a sedentary position. This is not ideal since studies suggest that too much time being sedentary is associated with health consequences including an increased risk for disease and mortality. On the other hand, according to the CDC, regular exercise provides a wide range of health benefits, from improving your ability to perform everyday activities to helping you get better sleep. Yet, many jobs are suited for an environment that is mostly seated, contributing to hours accumulated with very little movement.
A treadmill desk is one way to fit more exercise into your life, even during times when you would normally be seated such as when you are working in front of a computer. If you are looking for a way to add more movement into your daily routine, treadmill desks provide the opportunity to walk while you work, helping you reach your fitness goals.
In order to use a treadmill desk you need two things: a standing desk and an under desk treadmill that can fit below the desk.
The desk that you’re using needs to be high enough for you to walk while you work. If you don’t want to buy a new desk, you may be able to modify the height of your existing desk with a standing desk converter. (You can find a variety of standing desk converter options on Amazon.)
Another option is to purchase a standing desk, which is a desk specifically designed to be used while in a standing position. Several under desk treadmill brands sell standing desks that work well with their treadmill models. For instance, iMovR sells a variety of standing desks.
Second, you need a standing desk treadmill that can fit beneath your desk. It is important to measure the width of the space below your desk and the width of the treadmill to make sure the treadmill is a suitable size.
When choosing an under desk treadmill, there are a variety of features to consider. (We’ll go over the features in the next section.) Once you’ve found the standing desk treadmill that meets your needs, you can start getting exercise while at your desk.
Usually, under desk treadmills are used at slower walking speeds, so you can work while you move. Some can be converted to running treadmills, making them convenient for your home gym. While most under desk treadmills don’t have hand rails, you can use your desk for support.
Under desk treadmill motor power is usually listed in horsepower (HP). Since under desk treadmills are often intended for walking speeds, horsepower may be lower than regular treadmills made for running. The treadmills in this list are between 1HP and 3HP.
When determining the best treadmill size for your lifestyle, there are a few things to consider.
How much space do you need to comfortably walk? If you are tall, you may need a longer treadmill. If you have a wider gait, you might want a treadmill with a wider belt.
You’ll need to make sure the size of the treadmill is compatible to fit under your desk.
Treadmill storage is also a consideration. Do you want to hide your treadmill under a couch or bed when you aren’t using it? If so, you should check the storage height of the treadmill.
One thing to keep in mind is that the dimensions of the treadmill are not the same as the dimensions of usable walking space. Pay attention to both the full size of the treadmill and the size of the belt to determine your best options.
Most under desk treadmills are designed with two wheels at the front so you can move them around, much like a wheel barrel. However, the weight of the treadmill unit will determine how easy it is to move. If portability is a high priority, you should look for a compact, lighter weight model.
If you’re purchasing a treadmill to use while you work, you’ll most likely be exercising at walking speed. Your options may be limited if you are hoping to run since not every under desk treadmill can reach running speeds.
Some under desk treadmills feature a 2-in-1 design that can be converted to a running treadmill, while others are simply designed for walking. Under desk treadmills in this list range from maximum speeds of 2 mph to 8 mph, but most are in the 2-4 mph speed range.
A loud treadmill motor has the potential to be distracting. If you are planning to use your treadmill desk while taking calls or in meetings, you’ll want a treadmill with a quiet enough noise level so others won’t hear it.
Most of the treadmills on this list are designed to be on the quieter side. You can get a better idea of how loud each machine is by checking the treadmill’s dB (decibel) level and from user reviews which often give insight into noise quirks.
Most under desk treadmills can support at least 220 pounds, but if you need a treadmill that can accomodate more weight, be sure to check the user weight capacity.
Under desk treadmills can range from affordable models that cost a few hundred dollars to luxury models that cost several thousand dollars. At the budget-friendly end you can get the Sunny Health and Fitness Walkstation for just $299.25 and at the higher end you can purchase the iMovR Lander Lite Treadmill Desk for $3,330.
Shipping and warranty will vary by model, but many of the units that are available on Amazon boast free Prime shipping.
When it comes to warranty, different aspects of the treadmill may have different warranty lifespans. Parts, labor, motor and frame may have a variety of warranty lengths. Some treadmills also offer additional protection for an added price.
In addition to your desk and under desk treadmill, accessories can help complete your desk setup. You can find a variety of treadmill desk accessories on Amazon and from treadmill desk manufacturers, including standing mats, cable management kits, desk lamps, and monitor risers. You also may want to purchase belt lubricant for treadmill maintenance.
Under desk treadmills will range in noise level. Many of the best desk treadmill options are designed to be relatively quiet, so that they are not distracting while you work. You can check noise levels based on the dB (decibel) level of the treadmill.
Treadmill desks are higher than regular office desks, so you are likely going to need a special chair if you want to sit at your treadmill desk when taking breaks from walking. Office chairs that are specifically designed to be used with standing desks include standing chairs, stools and drafting chairs. These are ergonomically designed and adjustable for extra height. There are also chairs designed to sit on top of an under desk treadmill such as the Tempo TreadTop Office Chair from iMovR.
How fast you walk may vary based on your comfort level for working while walking. One study suggests that 1.4 mph may be the optimal speed for typing performance.
It is possible to lose weight with a treadmill desk. For example, a small one-year study of 36 people found that on average the people who used a treadmill desk lost weight. A 2021 systematic review of the effects of treadmill desks also suggested that they may be beneficial for weight management.
The number of calories you burn will vary based on factors including your weight, how fast you are walking, and the distance you walk. Many under desk treadmills have calorie trackers to help you determine the number of calories you are burning. For a point of reference, according to the CDC, if you walk at 3.5 mph, you’ll burn around 280 calories per hour (based on a 154 lb person).
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