March 28, 2023

WESTFIELD, NJ — Three Westfield High School juniors have teamed up to form “Rising Stars Training” — a sports program for young, aspiring athletes.
The 17-year-old varsity athletes — Carter Brillantes, Peter Meixner and Theo Sica — were inspired to create their own sports training program when they noticed that there were not a lot of relationships between the youth of Westfield and corresponding high schoolers.
According to Brillantes, Rising Stars Training is a year-round program that pairs children with varsity athletes that are eager to help young athletes grow and learn in their sport.
The program currently offers training in football, lacrosse, basketball and soccer for both boys and girls.
Brillantes said the program is available to all ages, and participants can be a beginner or an expert in their sport. Trainers will cater specific lessons depending on one’s level.

Trainers will either come to the child’s house, or will arrange to meet a park or school to do the lesson.
“There is no set curriculum per lesson because every child we work with is different,” Brillantes explained. “During the first session, our trainers like to run basic drills to know what a specific child’s strengths and weaknesses are. Then in lessons going forward, the trainer will cater to those weaknesses ensuring that your child will progress in their sport.”

For a one-on-one lesson, it costs $35. A group lesson with several children costs $20 per child for an hour.
Brillantes said people can choose between having daily lessons, every other day, weekly or even monthly. In order to build a relationship between the trainer and child, Brillantes said participants will keep the same trainer throughout their lessons.
Those interested in signing up do not have to live in Westfield.
You can book a private or group lesson by visiting the Rising Stars website.
Profiles on each trainer and their expertise can also be viewed on the website.
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