June 4, 2023

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Menopausal weight gain is a side effect many women suffer from when they go through the hormonal mid-life change. But there are ways they can combat it, especially when it comes to notorious belly fat.
Excess fat around the mid-section can pose health risks to individuals because it surrounds internal organs.
It can put people at greater risk of developing health problems including heart disease, diabetes and liver issues.
But Dr Anna Cabeca, author of MenuPause, revealed her menopause fix for women feeling like they are stuck trying to shift their newly acquired excess pounds.
She revealed her six-day carnivore plan will focus solely on animal products.
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People can expect to eat food such as meat, fish and eggs.
“This plan is an effective way to smash past a weight-loss plateau,” she explained.
“Protein can help you spot-reduce your tummy, so expect to lose a pound a day or more.”
Her go-to meal plan to begin with consists of hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, chilli for lunch and fish for dinner.
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She promoted eating three meals a day for healthy weight loss, explaining that women must ensure they cut out sugar, alcohol and processed carbohydrates.
Dr Cabeca said: “Menopause is natural, but symptoms and weight gain are optional.”
She also revealed this approach is good for easing pain and discomfort for other symptoms.
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The menopause also leads to an oestrogen deficiency that is associated with decreases in skeletal muscle mass and strength.
But Dr Cabeca reassured that by consuming meat, the amino acid arginine, helps restore muscle tissue that is lost during the change.Slimming club guidesFor women following the six-day carnivore plan, she advised taking digestive enzymes after meals.
“They speed nutrient absorption, signalling ‘fullness’ faster,” she explained.
Functional medicine expert Dr Amy Myers, also recommended that women opt for anti-ageing protein.
“Collagen turns your body into a fat-burning machine, even when you’re at rest,” she said.
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