February 7, 2023

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Dr Michael Mosley is the man behind the Fast 800, Fast 800 Keto and 5:2 diets and he has helped thousands change their lifestyle and lose weight. But some of his programmes have been called “crash diets” and there have been criticisms that losing weight that fast is not healthy or sustainable. Dr Michael commented on this during a previous appearance on ITV’s This Morning. 
Dr Michael said: “I have a programme called the Fast 800… and we’ve been running trials, 20,000 people have done the Fast 800 programme. 
“So far, average weight loss over eight to 10 weeks has been 22lbs or 1.5 stone (10kgs). 
“What the professors found was it was the people who lost the weight fast were more likely to keep it off. 
“The first set of studies, they lost an average of 10kgs which was kept off for a year to two years. 
READ MORE: Fitness guru’s weight loss snack tip ‘won’t send you sugar crazy’weight loss michael mosley Michael mosley weight loss this morning “Compared to those trying to do it slow and steady – people who did it slow and steady lost an average of one kilo which they kept off. 
“There was a tenfold increase if you do it properly.” 
He commented: “Clearly it’s not suitable for absolutely everyone, but it does brilliant work.
“There was another study, this was in younger people, and that found doing this Fast 800 approach, rapid weight loss, for around 800 calories a day for around eight to 10 weeks. 
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“That led to an average weight loss, sustained over a year, of about 28lbs or two stone (13kgs). 
“The reasons I bang on about weight loss, particularly around the tummy, is because it has an effect on things like your blood pressure and blood sugars – it will [weight loss] bring them down really fast. 
“Rapid weight loss is becoming a much more accepted thing to do. 
“I’ve certainly done it and it’s hugely beneficial.” michael mosley weight loss exercise Alongside eating a small number of calories, Dr Michael suggests exercising too. 
He continued: “People know they should be doing walking and running. 
“But the other really important thing is strength because you lose something like five percent of your muscle mass every decade from the age of 30 – if you don’t use them. 
“I and my wife Clare, who is a GP do lots of press ups. michael mosley fast 800 diets “She started being able to do two and now she’s up to 20 and she is 57 years old. 
“I started at 15 and now I’m at 40 – I can do about 100 press ups in the day, and I’m 63. 
“It’s never too late to start, get going with those press ups and the squats,” he told presenters Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby in 2020.  
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