June 8, 2023

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Dr. Buddy Touchinsky has always been on the cutting edge of healthcare, embracing holistic medicine, training in functional medicine and focusing not only on the patient’s problems but on their root causes.
Wanting to take his chiropractic practice one step further, Touchinsky announced the opening of Peak Integrated Medicine on Route 61 South in Orwigsburg. He has officially closed Blue Mountain Family Chiropractic, a business he began in 2005, and opened Peak Integrated Medicine at the same location.
Touchinsky, who also owns Healthy Habits, the health food store adjoining his practice, has always been interested in health and wellness. Now he is redefining health care with a functional medicine approach.
Functional medicine identifies the root cause of a medical issue. Its proponents claim that it focuses on the root causes of diseases based on interactions between the environment and the gastrointestinal, endocrine, and immune systems to develop individualized treatment plans.
“While DC means Doctor of Chiropractic, it also means Doctor of Cause,” said Touchinsky.
After seeing hundreds of patients over his 17 years of practice, Touchinsky realized that many who came to him for specific back, neck or joint pain had many more issues relating to their pain. He began researching holistic and functional medicine, getting his certification in functional medicine a few years ago.
While many people were sidelined by the pandemic shutdowns, Touchinsky took the time to focus on creating a business where patients could receive fully integrated primary health care within one medical practice.
While services such as Peak Integrative Medicine are not new (similar concierge medicine has been popular throughout the country for many years), Touchinsky says his practice differs in that it is Direct Primary Care — one monthly fee covers all services, and there is rarely an additional charge.
By bringing a variety of practitioners into one location, Touchinsky said a patient can get overall care in one system without having to deal with numerous exams, co-pays, visits and more.
While he said he fully supports traditional health care, he feels there is no congruency or coordination in patient care. Touchinsky realizes that many patients may still need to see specialists, when necessary, and Peak Integrated Medicine will be happy to write referrals.
Touchinsky took great care to choose a like-minded staff who would complement each other and be able to address the needs of his patients.
His new practice includes three specific areas of treatment: Family Practice, Functional Medicine and Chronic Lifestyle Diseases, and Chiropractic and Physical Medicine.
Touchinsky is the founder and CEO, having spent 15 years in his chiropractic practice. He is a practitioner of functional medicine and proponent of a healthy lifestyle.
Amy Strauss is the director of family practice and acute care. Her experience ranges from birth to end-of-life issues. She is a nurse practitioner with such board certifications as a Family Nurse Practitioner and Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.
Liana Rodriguez is the practice’s medical director. Rodriquez is an osteopathic ohysician, certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine and board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, as well as an Air Force veteran.
Brandon Aucker is director of chiropractic and physical Medicine. He is a leader in chiropractic and physical medicine nationally.
Jessica Tarleton is the nutrition and lifestyle health coach. She has worked with more than 1,000 clients on weight loss and lifestyle changes.
While moving toward the future, Touchinsky also wants to bring back the old-style family medicine. By that he means personalized care and maybe even in-home visits. Touchinsky knows some patients will embrace virtual office visits while others may require face-to-face interaction. Touchinsky said his office has the capability to see patients virtually anywhere throughout the United States. That’s a real benefit for the snowbirds in the community or those who enjoy frequent travel.
Touchinsky sees Peak Integrative Medicine as a one-stop shop for health care. Included in his basic monthly fee of $129 is an annual physical exam, 12 chiropractic visits, driver’s license and sports exams, same-day or next-day visits, 24/7 pediatric care, EKG’s, body fat analysis, psychosocial screening, health risk assessments and lifestyle and nutrition plans. Peak also offers discounted lab testing, imaging, prescriptions and supplements.
There is no insurance involved, so caregivers are their own bosses. Touchinsky feels that his practice will be ideal for those who have no medical insurance. For others who have high deductibles or poor insurance, Peak Integrated Medicine offers affordable primary health care for one low price.
“Insurance doesn’t equal health care,” Touchinsky said. “The problem is the level of care you may get in an insurance-based practice.”
Insurance dictates what most health professionals are permitted to do. Doctors are seeing more patients in a day, spending less time with them, and are limited as to what tests they can request, what medications they can prescribe and what treatments they can offer.
Touchinsky will still offer stand-alone chiropractic services as he has done for almost two decades. He has broken ground next to his offices for a new facility to house Peak Integrated Medicine. In the meantime, prospective patients can visit his website at peakintegrativemed.com or on Facebook.
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