February 6, 2023

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Gregg Wallace stunned fans with his dramatic weight loss transformation, with many wondering how he managed to shift the pounds, especially as a baker. The 57-year-old who presents MasterChef and BBC’s Eat Well for Less, is surrounded by food but has lost 4.5 stone.
So how did he do it?
After tipping the scales at 16st 7lb, he knew he had to make a change after admitting he wasn’t happy being overweight.
With this new mindset, he ditched fast food, started cooking at home more often, put a limit on the days he drank alcohol and began to exercise regularly.
Before, he had tried a whole host of restrictive diets, from fad diets to fasting, no-carb methods and low-fat techniques.
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But nothing had worked for him long-term and instead left him feeling “really uncomfortable” and “horribly hungry and miserable all the time”.
Now, he’s reaping the rewards of his hard work and new understanding of nutrition.
“I learnt that it’s far better to wean yourself off [a bad] diet slowly and cook proper, healthy meals, as you are far more likely to succeed and enjoy the change,” he said.
Sticking to “three large, filling, healthy, balanced meals”, Gregg soon cut out snacking and “the weight came off”.
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Following his own weight loss, the Eat Well For Less presenter, alongside his wife and daughter, set up ShowMe.Fit in 2019 in a bid to help others achieve a balanced lifestyle.
The platform hosts a range of experts covering fitness, health and psychology, to help people lose weight, eat healthily and stay motivated.
With the cost-of-living crisis forcing people to cut back on their weekly shops, maintaining a healthy body and a healthy bank balance has never been so essential.
So in order to help people out, Gregg has devised low-cost recipes as well as pre-plan meals that are as cost-effective as possible.
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Of the latest venture, he said: “With ShowMe.Fit, I set out to help people lose weight and I asked them to plan their meals so they knew what they were going to eat.
“They only bought what they were going to eat.”
And with everything getting more pricey, he wants to help people save money as well.
“If you meal plan, you will eat healthier and you will save a lot of money. I promise you,” he assured.Calorie burning tipsThe range of summer recipes include:
Chargrilled corn on the cob with smokey cheesy topping
Spiced cauliflower BBQ salad
BBQ’d steak with butter bean salad and tuna burgers.
All recipes can be found on the ShowMe.Fit website.
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