March 30, 2023

ALLIANCE – In a fitness studio on State Street, a group of women put on harnesses and connected them to bungee cords that dangled from the ceiling.
Music played as their instructor, Melinda Eckert, guided them through a series of exercises that had them jumping and moving across the room. 
Bungee fitness is a relatively new type of workout that has recently found its way to Alliance. 
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“It was something that was designed as a workout that’s easy on the joints and that will burn a lot of calories and is highly effective, but also is really healthy for your back and your joints,” TEMPO Fitness owner Heather Abrams said. 
Abrams is an Alliance native and owner of Art in Motion Dance Academy. The studio is located inside the Lingenfelter Center at 670 W. State Street and has been there for four years. It was previously located in Sebring. 
Abrams started learning about bungee fitness at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. 
“I wanted to bring a fitness element for the parents. I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, while the parents are sitting and waiting for their children to be done with dance … everyone could come up here (and) work out,'” she said. 
She became certified in bungee fitness instruction and opened TEMPO Fitness in the same building as her dance studio. Abrams said many people believe that bungee fitness is only for people who work out consistently, but that it is for many different ages and skill levels. 
“That rubber band eases up that your full body weight is not slamming into the floor, but also that rubber band creates resistance, too. So your getting an incredible workout while not compromising your joints,” Abrams said. 
Cara Gainor, an instructor at TEMPO Fitness, said the workout can easily be modified to fit anyone’s capabilities, even those with joint issues. Participants between the ages of 3 and 77 have tried bungee fitness at the studio, she said. 
“You can do light weight training in the bungee, core training, circuit training in the bungee,” Abrams said. 
Gainor, Eckert and instructors Courtney White and Sarah Cutway started taking bungee fitness classes at Abram’s studio before becoming instructors. The women said they immediately developed a passion for it. 
Abrams said one of her goals was to create a space where people could work out and take a break from the challenges they may be experiencing in their lives. 
“I’ve seen for over 10 years what dance does for kids, and I knew there was a need for that for adults through fitness. And that’s ultimately what I want to do,” she said. 
She hopes to continue growing the studio and introducing the workout to more people in the area. 
TEMPO Fitness also offers barre, light weight training, dance cardio and boot camp classes.  
To view TEMPO Fitness’s class schedule, visit
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