June 2, 2023

Weight training can help you build muscles
What is metabolism?
Metabolism is a process under which our bodies convert our food into energy. A fast metabolism refers to our bodies’ ability to complete this task faster. Our metabolism aids various functions in our bodies such as digesting food, breathing, growing cells, circulating blood, repairing cells, managing hormones, managing body temperature, etc.
Why is fast metabolism important for weight loss?
Metabolism is one of the most discussed factors when trying to lose weight. Most people who are naturally leaner are equated to have a fast metabolism. A fast metabolism helps fasten the process of burning calories.
Essentially, burning more calories than you consume results in weight loss. Fast metabolism helps burn more calories in the same amount of time if compared to someone who has a slower metabolism.
There are 3 kinds of metabolisms that occur in our bodies. These 3 kinds are responsible for generating three different kinds of bodily functions. Here are the 3 kinds:
1. The energy required by the body to practice basic functions while resting known as basal metabolism.
2. The energy required to break down the food we consume
3. The energy required when we perform physical activities
Our basal metabolism takes up most of our energy. Increasing this metabolic rate can help fatten weight loss.
How can I fasten my metabolism?
There are various lifestyle choices that influence your metabolic rate. While some habits can slowdown metabolism, some simple lifestyle changes can help fasten it. Here are some ways through which you can boost your metabolism.
8 ways in which you can fasten your metabolism:
1. Try HIIT
Pushing your limits when working out can help you burn energy faster. HIIT and other fast-paced exercises might help our bodies burn calories even hours after the workout.
2. Get proper sleep
Lack of proper sleep has been proven to slowdown metabolism. Proper sleep can help maintain healthy metabolic rate.
3. Focus on muscle building
As discussed, we burn most of our calories at the basal metabolism. For every kilogram of muscle, our bodies need to burn approximately 12 calories daily to manage itself. Weight training can help you build muscle.
4. Have caffeine
High-caffeine drinks help fasten metabolism and help boost energy levels. Black coffee and green tea may be beneficial for you if you are trying to lose weight.
5. Increase protein intake
Protein is encouraged for most diets that focus on reducing weight. This is the case as our body requires more energy to burn protein that it needs when burning carbs or fats. Protein-rich foods fasten metabolism.
6. Drink more water
Lack of water in our system can servile slowdown our metabolism. To maintain and fatten our metabolism, we must consume about 3-4 litres of water daily.
7. Eat less, more often
In order to boost your metabolism, you must consume multiple small portions of foods throughout the day. Eating 2-3 large meals through the day can slowdown metabolism.
8. Eat spicy foods
Spicy foods are abundant in components that trigger our metabolic rate. However, eating spicy foods does not fasten metabolism permanently. The fast metabolism is a temporary response to the chemicals found in spicy foods.
Does fast metabolism equate healthy weight?
A fast metabolism can aid and fasten weight loss. However, various other factors influence your weight loss. A fast metabolism cannot single-handedly help you lose all your weight. As discussed, in order to lose weight, one must consume lesser calories than they are burning. Hence, consuming more calories because you have fast metabolism would not result in weight loss.

Along with trying to boost your metabolism, you must also be watchful of your overall diet and make sure you exercise regularly. A fast metabolism can aid weight loss but it would require you to make healthy and significant changes to your lifestyle.
Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.
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