I'm John. I design and create custom health exhibits that promote simple, time-proven, natural, lifestyle health principles. The images below are my drawings and will give you just a tiny inkling of what's possible. Click on each image for details. To see all my other non-health-related projects, click here.

  Bakersville Pioneer Village Anit-GMO Exhibit  

Bakersville Pioneer Village - Anti-GMO Exhibit - currently under construction

  Historic Adventist Village Dr. Kellog Discovery Center  

Historic Adventist Village - Dr. Kellogg Discovery Center - Welcome Center and Health Exhibit - completed

Dr. Kellogg's Road to Wellness
  Dr. Kellogg's Road to Wellness Exhibit - proposed  
The Healing Sun Exhibit Health Fair Exhibit for Health Fairs Poology Exhibit
The Healing Sun Exhibit - proposed NEWSTART Display Collection - proposed Poology Exhibit - proposed
  Lifestyle Laboratory Exhibit